• North Carolina you have a choice
    Ginger Garner North Carolina you have a choice
  • Inspired Leader with a passion to serve
    Ginger Garner Inspired Leader with a passion to serve
  • 5 star review  Ginger Gardner is a leader and pioneer in the healthcare field She is sincere, energetic and is looking to serve The people of North Carolina will be well served by this very charismatic, confident and strong leader! I wish her the very best in her endeavors!!

    thumb Jyoti Saboo

    5 star review  Ginger Garner has a fierce spirit and a record of serving. She is not afraid to do the work, is a highly skilled listener, and understands the challenges facing so many. Ginger has demonstrated excellence in multiple fields and not only is an expert, but shares her knowledge and time so that others are cared for with best practices. I offer my support wholeheartedly to Ginger and to her family.

    thumb Holly Tanner

    5 star review  Watching from a step away all the work that Ginger Garner does everyday is truly astonishing. I know she will continue to work just as hard as a member of the NC State Senate when she's elected. She will make a difference in Raleigh! I hope you'll do what you can to help Ginger win. It's work very much worth doing!

    thumb Libbie Griffin
  • 5 star review  Ginger Garner has been standing up for healthcare, for women and for children for as long as I've known her. Proud to have her as a colleague and a friend!

    thumb Michelle Lyons

    5 star review  Sincere , Intelligent, Passionate, the ability to work across barriers and understand those happy with this country now as well as those disgruntled by this country right now. Think Ginger would be the perfect State Representative Carteret and Craven Counties y’all as well as Pamlico!!!! Appreciate her responsiveness too!!!!!

    thumb Mike Allen Austin Lhotak

    5 star review  Ginger has the compassion, leadership, and collaboration skills to make an amazing state Senator. She is dedicated to service and to "walking her talk." Ginger has been an inspiring teacher and mentor to me for many years! I am confident she will be an exceptional addition to North Carolina state leadership.

    thumb Amber Rodham Keating
  • 5 star review  Ginger Garner is a strong candidate for NC Senate to defeat Sanderson in November. We are so ready for a change and it looks to me like she has what it takes to win and bring accountability back to our state government. Thank you Ginger for all the effort you and your family put into running for this office. You have my vote.

    thumb Barbara Sloane Thomas

    5 star review  Ginger has a strong message for all North Carolinians. Protect our health, economy, environment, and state. She will listen to us and work for us!! .

    thumb Katy Hanna Pugh

    5 star review  NC needs Ginger Garner as State Senator. Through her international presence and work as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Ginger does North Carolina proud. She works harder than anyone I know. Intelligent and compassionate, she will bring that same work ethic to benefit all North Carolinians. Ginger, I <3 <3 <3 this and you!!

    thumb Sharon Gary
  • 5 star review  I'm very excited for Ginger's run. We must break the hold of fossil fuel and big ag corporations on our state government. She has strong positions on all the issues that we care about here in ENC.

    thumb Bill Kenneke

Thank you to everyone who made the primary win a reality!  Thank you for your support — we did it.  Together.  Now on to November!



Healthcare, economic prosperity, a healthy coastline and clean water, job creation, and economic strength are good for all of North Carolina.

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Exploring the key issues that need to be addressed in order to restore a prosperous future for coastal North Carolinians in Carteret, Craven, and Pamlico counties.

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When you pledge financial support for Ginger Garner’s campaign, 100% of your donation will go to making a better North Carolina possible.

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I believe every North Carolinian should have access to and enjoy:

Exceptional healthcare, including preventive and conservative care for pain management, rehabilitation, and mental health,

Excellent education including services for children with special needs,

Economic prosperity through the dignity of a living wage,

Protection of personal rights as outlined in the Constitution, and a

Healthy coastline and clean environment to enjoy and to create jobs and a strong economy for tourism and fishing.

Why I'm Running

As a native North Carolinian and 20-year resident of Carteret County, I am ready to serve District 2 in the North Carolina Senate and initiate common sense conversations based on moderate core values and bipartisan action and partnership. North Carolinians deserve a fiscally responsible government committed to balancing a budget, supporting sustainable job creation, protecting our coast and fishing industry, and investing in education, new technology, and infrastructure to ensure a prosperous future for coastal North Carolinians in Carteret, Craven, and Pamlico counties.

Our Issues

As your Senator, I will take up these issues – ones that require bold action and a courageous advocate. Now more than ever, the challenges we face demand leaders who listen to YOU – the citizens who hire them – and fight for the dreams we all share for our community, our businesses, and our families in Coastal North Carolina.


Our current delegation in Raleigh has failed to lead on these issues, most of the time failing even to meet them with our community’s core values or ideas that reflect our community’s wishes and instead walking in partisan lock-step to pursue an agenda that values power over substance.


I lead not by dominating a conversation, but by example. My story speaks for itself:  for 20 years I have served our coastal community as a physical therapist, as an aid and Christian mission worker, as a volunteer, as a CEO and small business owner, and as a wife and mother of three.


I know what it takes to successfully start and manage a corporation as well as run a household. Both are challenging, necessary and immeasurably valuable. I respect the mother or father who stays home to care for family as much as I admire the hard work of mothers and fathers who support their families financially. Furthermore, I will support the choices of parents in their children’s education and their right to be the creators of their own destinies.


As a licensed physical therapist I took an oath to do my best, and to do what is best for my patients. As your next Senator, I pledge the same oath to you.


You have my assurance that I will hear and address the important issues.  My door is always open and will remain so to hear your ideas and  concerns if you elect me to serve District 2 in the North Carolina Senate.



The NC Senate needs a doctor in the house.

Crystal Coast

Crystal Coast

The NC Senate needs to protect our beloved coast.



The NC Senate needs to focus on our children.



The NC Senate needs focus on our economic environment.


Doing our best for coastal North Carolina, and the future of our state.

Our Priorities

Healthcare 100%
Economy & Industry 100%
Education 100%


North Carolina is hurting. The opioid epidemic claims the lives of four North Carolinians each day. In 2015, more than 1,100 deaths were attributed directly to opioid abuse in North Carolina, a 73% increase since 2005.


The opioid crisis is a national public health problem, and our coastal North Carolina communities are not immune to its impact. The opioid epidemic presents a clear and present danger to our children, families, our economy, and to our communities. The sharp increase in petty crime is a directly linked to a sharp increase in opioid addiction. Families are broken and destroyed, children are hurting and the family members who are addicted have few options for viable, affordable, and dignified care.


As a healthcare provider working with people in chronic pain for 20 years in Carteret County, I am very familiar with both the hope and the harm pain-killing drugs can do. It has been my professional duty to help people overcome their opioid addiction through physical therapy and integrative medicine. We can improve access to healthcare and proper services, and I intend to place healthcare improvements and the opioid crisis among my primary concerns as your Senator.

Crystal Coast


A generation only gets one shot to preserve their habitat and way of life. Our chance is staring us right in the face. We have the power to save our coastline for generations to come. Our Carolina Crystal Coastline is under threat, and Norm Sanderson, our current Senator in District 2, has consistently refused to protect coastlines.


Fishing, tourism and recreation support roughly 51,000 jobs and generate nearly $2.2 billion in GDP in North Carolina.”      ~ Oceana


The future of our coastline and the jobs it provides depends on us, its caretakers. The choice is yours to make. The ocean is teeming with jobs–not through the exploitation of the environment, but through preserving its incredible natural beauty and the vastly diverse ecosysytems that sustain our entire coastal microeconomy. Fishing and tourism investments are a prime way to secure our economic future and expand our infrastructure.


These vital industries face imminent danger if we do not limit offshore drilling and seismic blasting. Offshore drilling and seismic blasting have been universally condemned by town commissions (Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Cedar Point, Emerald Isle, Morehead City and Pine Knoll Shores) in our immediate coastal areas, and all have passed resolutions summarily rejecting drilling and blasting.


If we allow offshore drilling and seismic blasting, it is not a matter of if, but, rather, of when, a spill devastates our pristine shoreline. The long-term ramifications of blasting could forever change our coast and job security we now enjoy with our vibrant tourism fishing industries.


We thrive because of our coastline. Let’s not needlessly jeopardize it for activities that–as even the most prominent advocates of drilling admit–may not bring any jobs to our North Carolina coast at all. And even if they do, our current thriving tourism and fishing industries can still outpace the sketchy prospects of those other highly hazardous practices.


Protecting our coastlines both now and in the future moves beyond the petty playground of partisan politics. We need to heed the science and facts that tell us drilling is no guarantee of oil or job creation. Offshore drilling and seismic blasting are proven threats to the destruction of our environment and our way of life. There are better ways of investing in and creating jobs than to destroy the way we live on the beautiful Crystal Coast. We must commit to being good stewards of our community’s natural beauty and resources.  Permitting offshore drilling and seismic blasting in no way reflect that good stewardship.


Our position on the world stage depends on the quality of education our children receive. I will do everything I can as your Senator to ensure that our children receive nonpartisan advocacy to pursue their education and achieve academic excellence on all levels.


Optimism, hope, and a strong work ethic are honorable traits we all want to instill in our children. American exceptionalism, the idea that America is a unique in its framework of pursuit of liberty and of personal freedoms and happiness, is alive and well because those who have come before us fought for public education as a great equalizer and the means by which we can reach our full potential.


Every child should have an equal opportunity to achieve academic excellence. To that end, I also support alternative paths and respect individual parental choices in education through charter schools and other accountable means, but I also understand that this cannot come at the expense of our being good stewards of our public schools.


A “one-size-fits-all” approach cannot and does not work when it comes to meeting the needs of our children, including children with special needs. Funding for arts, music, and physical education must always be a priority, as those disciplines are vital pieces of our children’s overall education, fostering community and instilling an appreciation for our cultural heritage. As your Senator, I will stand firm in my commitment to ensuring the well-being of all students and in securing their access to arts and physical education opportunities..


In our region and in our state, I will ensure that standardized testing not be the focus of teacher’s instruction. It must inform and guide, rather than become, the instruction itself.


North Carolinians also too often lack access to high quality early childhood education and childcare. Where it is readily available, affordability can be an impediment, with childcare costs often gobbling up a parent’s entire paycheck. My opponent may laud the merits of early childhood education, but running a childcare business does not qualify someone to take part in critical decisions that affect education. I have spent 20 years in education teaching at a graduate and post-graduate level, and I intend to address preschool to college strategies which will make education affordable, and thus accessible, for all.


Some people look upon government as a wasteful dinosaur, stomping on individual and state rights with little to no regard for personal liberty or the pursuit of happiness. One of the accusations often lobbed at the government is wasteful spending. That, in no uncertain terms, must change.


As Senator, I pledge to root out and eliminate wasteful spending while also supporting public servants in the police, fire, EMS, and military branches, along with our gifted school teachers. I will support and promote advancement in research and action to create sustainable jobs that are a win-win for citizens and the environment. I will promote, support, and increase our Coastal Carolina tourism and fishing industries. I will support small business expansion and create new partnerships with universities and community colleges to foster creativity, innovative thinking and investment in new technologies. I will support job creation and identify ways to improve and expand existing infrastructure investment in roads, bridges, airports, and both passenger and freight rail lines. I will reach across the aisle to accomplish all of these things in order to put coastal North Carolinians on a prosperous path that will remain sustainable far into the future.

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Community Endorsements

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Press Coverage

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